So about those traffic lights

Last night, I sat in on the very poorly notified meeting given by the council and the developer that was an attempt by them to inform local business owners about the impacts on the Miramar peninsula.

Quite a few interesting things were said, but one of the more salient bits for those of us living and enjoying the eastern suburbs came from a traffic engineer. A question from the audience about the intersection at the cutting generated a little waffling about redirected lanes to improve flow. When pressed further, the engineer admitted that they’ll probably need to put in one or two(!) traffic lights to deal with the increased traffic.

Welcome to gridlock!

One of the most disturbing aspects of this entire development is this continuous attempt to rush decision making while providing minimal information, and no real consultation with the public who will be affected. Worse, is what is happening now, when these same people are trying to obfuscate information and avoid answering questions. When councils and developers do this, it’s invariably because they know that the local community is going to dislike what’s going on, and they’re trying to make it happen anyway.

I say to folks: call the council on this one – if they want our approval of the sale of our land, if they want our approval of an uncapped infrastructure spend pulled from our pockets, they need to provide us with all the information in a clear concise way. No waffling, no attempt to redirect to a flackey, just simple, verifiable information, and an actual clear plan.

The council is supposed to represent your interests. Hold them up to that standard. They clearly aren’t doing that now.

(As an interesting side note, your two visible council members last night, Simon Marsh and Chris Calvi-Freeman were once again huddled in the corner with Ian Cassels and the rest of the Wellington Company contingent. They may be eastern ward councillors, but they’re quite clearly not on your side – it appears they’ve been bought, hook, line, and sinker by the developers.)

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