Island Bay 2: The Shelly Bay Disaster – Act 1

It was a dark and stormy Monday evening when David Chick, Wellington City Councils’ harried Chief City Planner scurried from one Wellington disaster to another. Well, okay, it wasn’t particularly stormy evening for Wellington, but it was definitely dark when Mr. Chick left a barely advertised presentation of the Shelly Bay development plan to local businesses.

The poor advertisement should have been the first clue that something was wrong, but in truth, the disaster had begun many years ago, mere kilometres away, in a formerly idyllic community called Island Bay.

Here, in this comfortable sleeping town, a monster had rolled through, a monster that had little thought for the locals, little regard for the local businesses. This astonishing monster could reach out and suck the life out of the community at a moment’s notice. The monster that called on this community was invulnerable – it had no need to listen to anyone, because it knew what was best for everyone. People huddled in small circles, fearful to even mention the monsters’ name: “Wellington City Council”

And now, that monster is back. This time, it has set its’ arrogant eyes on the sleepy, idyllic Shelly Bay…

Coming soon to a bay near you: “Island Bay 2: The Shelly Bay Disaster”



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2 Replies to “Island Bay 2: The Shelly Bay Disaster – Act 1”

  1. Hi i just wrote a letter to the editor of the Dom Post re the
    travesty of justice that WCC has metted out to Island Bay over the cycle way .
    Regardless of you views on the cycle way ,the consultation process used by WCC is flawed and has in my opinion been designed to achieve a pre ordained result
    I was reminded of the Clean Water Campaign of many years ago, where WCC even tried to pervert their own consultation process to sabotage the outcome.
    They lost in court , they lost in the local body election and they lost the rate payers poll, and WCWC won , but at a hell of a cost .
    A far better choice for Island Bay(as well as Shelly Bay ,) is for civil disobedience , I would suggest that if Council rams through their agenda , locals have then got a right look at more creative ways of fighting back.
    In Lyall Bay during the 70s Locals got sick of the old tramlines that made people fall off their motorbikes and cycles.
    Council wouldnt do anything so locals went out and started pulling up the tracks , members of the relevant Union that was supposed to do this sort of work, tried to stop them and there was a brawl. The tracks were removed.
    Food for thought?

    1. Indeed, have to say that we think the process is massively broken! The way that the Council is hiding under the Housing Accords And Special Housing Act to deny us a chance to speak out about fundamental changes to our neighbourhood is simply atrocious.
      As is the clear fact that we’ve got our own eastern-ward representatives colluding with the developers (wish I had a photo of the last meeting – Councillor Marsh and Councillor Calvi-Freeman were literally huddling with Ian Cassels and his crony in the corner – pretty clearly they didn’t want to sit with the commoners)
      The Island Bay fiasco, no matter how you look at it – is just the tip of the iceberg.

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